dreams of becoming a foot model

dreams of becoming a foot model

To begin with, this isn’t an insightful, inspirational, introspective post just a reminder and update. Last year I announced that I would be running a full marathon and keep everyone updated. I lied – kind of. Last year was an odd year; one of growth but also one of many failures.

So just to give you a few updates:

  1. I dyed my hair (shout out to Gabryelle Shultz from EU and Ray from Ba’Dazz Salon)!!!
  2. Around mid-November (Thanksgiving) my marathon training went down the drain and I decided to scale my run down to a half marathon.
  3. I will not be graduating in May but in December
  4. I have no idea what my next step is (but I’m ok with it)

As I have been training for this half marathon I have realized that if I ever had any desire to become a foot model (I don’t) I won’t be able to. I have had blisters and currently have calluses (I am in dire need of a pedicure) from running. Training has been tough, and there are days where the only time I have to train is 5 am – and I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who loves waking up super early to run romantically into the sunrise (if you are, good for you). I also enjoy eating good and yummy food and don’t know if I can ever be a runner who lives on eggs and protein bars. I have also realized that my body is stronger than I originally thought it was – if I can run literally anyone can run.

All this to say I’m very nervous and excited for my race! And while I won’t ever be able to be a foot model – I’ll have killer legs.

P.S. My race is in St. Louis on April 9 (Palm Sunday), if you would like to join me at the Finish Line – I’d love to have you there.


I just felt like running – Forrest

I just felt like running – Forrest

I’m not the most active person, actually according to the activity monitor on my phone my lifestyle is pretty sedentary.

But a few days ago, I was “surfing” the internet late at night and I came across an article about marathon running. As the true researcher that I am, one article led to another and before I knew it I had paid and registered for the Go! St. Louis marathon on April 9.

I didn’t realize what I had done until after I did it, when I received the confirmation e-mail which stated that there would be NO REFUNDS. I then decided to share what I had done on Facebook. I received support from many people whom I love and then my dad and brother started commenting – which was a good thing. I started thinking afterwards, whoa I need to do this and I need to train. So this whole week I have been thinking how can I keep myself accountable – by sharing it with you guys! I decided to blog about my marathon training progress (on some days it might seem like regress). I didn’t want to I haven’t been truly active in about a decade and did I mention I am overweight. I am also not the best writer; I forget words in English and Spanish on most days. These are probably two of the most vulnerable areas in my life which I didn’t want anyone to probe into – my self image and my intelligence.

Regardless of how I see myself or feel I want to share this journey with everyone. I might blog 3 days in a row, once a week or once every two weeks but I will finish this 26 mile run (I cringe as I type).

See you April 9th,


P.S. If you want to join me in my running before the race, during the race or even just cheer at the finish line on April 9th – Come!