The Ugly Child


I’ve never been the prettiest, smartest, fastest, definitely not thinnest, most popular, funniest or coolest… I am actually the total and complete opposite, Lol but you know what – it’s ok. I’ve learned through a few tear filled nights and frustrating days that (as cliche as it sounds) inside beauty is more important than outside beauty. You see when God formed us he didn’t mess up with that extra mole or accidentally choose your hair color he formed us as a work of art carefully creating us.
It amazes me that the creator of the universe would choose to call me His beloved, the apple of His eye! That he would worry so much as to know the number of hairs on my head!
Now I am not saying it’s easy being what society considers an “ugly” child lol but I am saying there is hope and someone who sees you in a completely different light. Someone who has called you His own and who gave His very life for you. This wasn’t really a planned out blog but just a reminder to you and a note to myself that I am loved – you are loved! You are beautiful even if you’re like me and usually only hear it from your dad (dad’s don’t lie) – it’s true! You are beautiful!


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