Love & Death

Love is a word with many facets and meanings. Some people think of LOVE and they think of a relationship with a significant other, they think of flowers and butterflies. Others think of LOVE and they think of their children, maybe family etc…


But it all boils down to one answer.

love is PATIENT, love is KIND. it DOES NOT envy, it DOES NOT boast, it is NOT proud. it is NOT rude, it is NOT self-seeking. it is NOT easily angered, it keeps NO RECORD OF WRONGS. love DOES NOT delight in evil BUT rejoices in truth. It always PROTECTS, always TRUSTS, always HOPES, always PERSEVERES. love NEVER FAILS.

As I read these verses I ask myself “Have I truly followed this part of the Bible showing this kind of LOVE
I think of the times I might have judged someone through their past forgetting who they were in Christ now… Or about the time I was not patient with a family member… Or about a time when I was rude… I now realize I have been doing it wrong all along.

We ask ourselves why are people not following Jesus, why are less and less people following him. The first century Christians were known for their behavior towards one another… Historians noted that Christians were set apart in the beginning because of their behavior and “unbinding love” towards one another. Is our love towards one another unbinding? Do people know you’re church is a Christian church because of the behavior of its members?

Little by little I am learning that just as Christ died for me I must die for others as well. Don’t misunderstand the death I am striving for to one that is physical … But understand that the death God wants us to live is a death that will benefit others. It may mean dying to my emotions, or my frustrations in order to love like 1Corinthians 13 states, all in all it is because of love that we are here and because of love that we must live or die… I challenge you to truly walk in love, and check your actions against these few verses.

Learning to love – the right way,
Abby Rea


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