Rosie the Riveter Follows Christ

Rosie the Riveter was an iconic figure in America during the Second World War. She represented women who worked hard in jobs that were considered to be a “man’s job”. Rosie the Riveter inspired women around the country, her determination and hard work made her an icon to many women.


I will not be talking about Rosie the Riveter but I will be speaking of a woman who to me has been a Riveter icon and has inspired me in my calling to missions. This woman’s name is Lillian Trasher. Being a woman in ministry at such an early time in the Pentecostal movement was a hard task. Missionary work was seen as an arduous task for a woman.

Lillian faced many problems before she left to Egypt – the country she felt called to. Many doubted her calling to ministry including her pastor, yet she still followed the voice of God and went to Egypt. Lillian sacrificed many things including an engagement and her security in America.

Though she faced many trials and tribulations she still saw the hand of God in her life. She has been noted for her tremendous faith in that the Lord would provide financially…  and he did. Her work in Cairo was one that ministered to hundreds. She opened an orphanage and began taking in children. “Thousands of Egyptian Children and families recieved food, clothing, housing, spiritual nurture, and education in the ever-expanding number of buildings that Trasher constructed.” (People of The Spirit)

It is because of women like Lillian Trasher that I am inspired to give all for the work of God. It is because of women like her that I see my life and know that it is meaningless if it does not work to serve God. It is because of women like her that women like me have open doors to places where women may be seen as second class. At Lillian’s death a Muslim man was noted for saying “Even though she is a woman and a Christian, I believe God took her to paradise”.



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